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Pet Name: Whitesox

DOB: 3-7-92   DOD: 4-12-11

Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted as saying "The smallest feline is a masterpiece."  Whitesox, you truly were a work of art in your own, wonderful way and we will miss you always. Pet Vet will not be the same without you!


Thank-You so much for your time and compassion when we had to say goodbye to our "Kitty Moen".

Pet Name:  Symoen, 20 years old


Sissy was a bundle of energy. We have two other doggies and she was the boss of them and everything else according to her. Sissy was constantly in motion.  She always slept with someone whether it was one of the other doggies or her Mom or Dad. She loved the outdoors and wanted in and out 500 times a day, much like a toddler. Sissy loved life, loved her bones, loved being the boss and loved us and we adored her! She is sorely missed!

Kelli Ridenour


Pet's name: Merlin

Date of birth: 6/25/04

Date of death: 9/1/12

Your love was unconditional

Forever faithful somehow

Always purring to my touch

I can still hear you meow

Although you had to leave me

I know that you will wait

You'll rub my leg in your loving way

When I come through Heaven's gate

Pets Name: Petey

RIH PETEY 11 2004-04 2016

Petey or Pee Wee as he was affectionately called was the dog we all so wanted. I went online back in 2005 (Petfinder) to be exact,searching for a Jack Russell. I came across a no kill shelter that hand a wonderful website that displayed many dogs and cats. As I am scrolling I stop at this cute little youngster that just turned 1 yrs old, with a red scarf around his neck, sitting with his face looking directly into the camera. I feel in love and quickly told my dad about this dog I found online. My father and I drove up to Cass county the following day,there he was,our little big giant Petey,energetic and bouncing around. He was fun,lovable,extremely spoiled with every toy,every treat. His favorite was a bouncing yellow ball,and a squeaky chicken bone. He loved My father dearly and was his protector. Love chasing birds and squirrels,walks,and being held. Fast forward to the hardest day of our lives 12 years later. Petey was older and grey, and had arthritis. We were also told he had developed cancer in his body. Making the decision to put your beloved pet down was the hardest thing in life to make,its so finale. But we knew he was in pain,he stopped enjoying most of the things he had loved before. We knew it was the right choice. We are at peace in knowing he lived a wonderful life,traveled and was taken very good care of. And played with his best buddy Prence,who will also miss him dearly. He will be so very well missed by us all. We love you Petey. All dogs go to Heaven...


Pet Name: Chilito 

Our loving Chilito was with us for 16 yrs. We gave him the best care and all the love that we could. We always going to remember him and he will be in our hearts. His nick names were Kiko and chikito. He would love to played with a small soccer ball and he had for about 5 year a brown stuffed bear. He will always loved to be around people, and his favorite place was his bed. What I miss the most from Chilito is his joy when see us coming back home, he will give you lots of kisses. He always had a lot of joy to shared with you if you were not having a bad day. Rest in peace my best friend: Chilito.