Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center

229 S. Drake Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49009


To the staff at Pet Vet – most importantly, Dr. Parsons and Dr. Mulero:

We cannot thank you enough for the care you have provided for all of our pets. Many of you are familiar with our dog, who we recently had to let go, Gavin. Gavs kept us on our toes from the day we received her. Her ongoing health conditions allowed us to visit your office often! At the time, that seemed extremely challenging. Now that she has passed, I look back, and realized that thanks to Gavs, we have actually developed a strong relationship with your staff. Pet Vet – you will always be our number one choice for care with our other animals and any future animals.

Dr. Parsons and Dr. Mulero – You two are extremely special individuals. We mostly saw Dr. Parsons for the ongoing care for Gavs. Dr. Mulero got a few lucky visits and helped us through the process of putting Gavs down. Not once did either of you make us feel rushed throughout our frequent visits. You both were so patient with our many questions. You both were also extremely loving and caring with Gavs. Everyone wants the best care for their fur babies. Although I am sure you will receive that from any of the vets at this office, I can personally guarantee that you will get nothing short of this from Dr. Parsons and Dr. Mulero.

Losing Gavs has literally been one of the hardest experiences of my life. Our family will miss her tremendously. Your staff have all been very accommodating and tenderhearted throughout this process.

Thank you for all that you have done for our family. It helps put us at ease knowing that our other pets are truly in good hands.

The Wagner’s – Layla, Tony, Zae, Charlee &  Gavin, Paisley, and Sheff (our fur babies)



Pet Vet,

I has taken me some time to be able to send this.  We had to put our 12 year old dog, Monet down in the fall.  Pet Vet has been Monet's vet for some time and he had been seen there since he was a puppy.  They were always so caring toward our "old man".  I'm not sure I could ever say enough nice things about the staff in our time of sadness.  A follow up phone call, the beautiful card with his paw print on it, and everyone there giving us time to say, "good-bye" meant so much to us.  We are getting a new puppy and the only place she will go is Pet Vet. We drive 35 miles and I refuse to go anywhere else. Thank you Pet Vet.

The Oomen's



Dear Pet Vet,

Two weeks ago, our little black cat got into a fight with a neighborhood animal, and was bleeding pretty heavily from one front leg.  We phoned Pet Vet to see if she could be fit in before closing time, and the receptionist said that all appointments were full, but that we could bring her in for an examination and diagnosis anyway, but that if anything needed to be done we'd probably have to wait until the next day or get a referral to an emergency clinic.  We rushed our cat in, arriving only a few minutes before closing, and to our great happiness, Dr. Mulero was able to not only check out her condition, but also sedate her, and give her stitches and a scrip for pain meds and antibiotics.  The rest of the staff stayed late to make sure everything was taken care of, and every single interaction was not only pleasant, but cheerful and kind.  What a wonderful, giving staff you have, and how thoughtful that everyone was willing to accommodate our last-minute request -- on a Friday, even! Dr. Mulero told us that our cat was lucky -- her injuries were severe, but could have been much worse given the circumstances -- and we feel that we're just as lucky to have found such a great vet clinic so close to our home.

Thank you again, so much for all your wonderful service.  We really, really appreciated it.


Jane Irwin, Paul Sizer, and Claudia



Awesome, compassionate, kind professionals

I've taken my dogs to Pet Vet for about 5 years, and I hold this office in the highest esteem. I had to have one of my dogs put to sleep this past year, and I am still moved to tears when I think of how absolutely wonderful & caring the staff was with me & my dog. Dr Wesseldyk is FANTASTIC. If you're going to this office for the first time, ask to see Dr Wesseldyk. The office itself is clean & beautiful & large. Great people, great service. I can't say enough good things about Pet Vet.

by Heidi R.



Thanks for making my life easy when it comes to bringing Luke in to the see you!   Thanks for providing Luke and me the finest. most complete pet care available . . . with a lot of love. I have seen a lot of vets in the past and your genuine love and care is truly rare.

by Jennifer & "Hershey"



Thanks to the Drs and professional staff at Pet Vet.   I feel like you all truly love what you do! Every time I come in to see you, both me and my kitten have had such a pleasant experience.  Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable--I'm really impressed.  Ever since I moved to Kalamazoo you have made me feel so welcome to the area and to your family.

by Jack H.



Thanks Dr. Short for your loving and professional care for our newest family member.  We appreciate you and your staffs' genuine concern for all our pets for the past 10 years. We have always felt like we have been treated as part of the Pet Vet family. Its so reassuring to know that we don't have to worry when we leave our dog for medical treatment or a boarding stay.  Thank you so much!

by The Johnson Family & "Magic"



I think the world of Dr. Mulero. Not only does Dr. Mulero and the staff at Pet Vet provide the best care, they are unmatched in customer service.  Thank you for being so caring and friendly, my dogs Holly and Heidi loved the treats and all the attention.  I would recommend Pet Vet to my family and friends.

Thanks so much to all of you!



Dr. Wesseldyk  has taken such wonderful care of our family's pets for over 17 years, and we have been extremely pleased with the caliber of care we have been provided.  We always feel questions are answered honestly and accurately.  Dr. Wesseldyk spends whatever time is required to provide answers, whether we are in the office or just speaking on the telephone. Somehow Dr.Wesseldyk manages to remember our pets' strengths and weaknesses among all of his other patients. When one of our pets is ill, Dr. Wesseldyk  makes every effort to calm our fears while treating our pet in a gentle loving manner.

Dr.Wesseldyk phoned our home on more than one occasion asking how our beloved babies were doing with genuine care and concern. Thank you Dr. Wesseldyk and thank you to your staff!  You guys are the best.

by The Yoshino Family, "Sushi & Miso"



Pet Vet is the best vet I have ever experienced. They diagnosed a problem in my puppy that had gone unnoticed by 2 different veterinarians.  By the time we got to her, our puppy unfortunately couldn't be saved. They talked us through our options in a very caring way and the office staff checked in on us after we made the difficult decision to put our dog to sleep. They were very caring and treated us and our puppy with the utmost care and respect. They were very knowledgeable and I will take all of my future pets to them.  I trust their judgement and admire their empathy and compassion.

by Gobles, MI



I have been to several different vets but Pet Vet is absolutely the best!  My dog Charlie was misdiagnosed and treated at two other clinics, I brought him to Pet Vet and found out he was being treated expensively and inappropriately.  He is now on special diet and is doing wonderful.  I would never see another clinic!  Dr. Wesseldyk is wonderful and caring and brilliant!

Tammy and Jim Brown



My Libby Belle gives you "5 Woofs"...she means 5 Stars!

Ms. Libby Belle enjoys the service and care she gets every time she has visited her doctors at Pet Vet.  She enjoys seeing the other animals in the lobby and the yummy treats she gets everytime she is good.

by Kalamazoo School of Music & Dance in Kalamazoo, MI



Just wanted to express sincere thanks and appreciation for the compassionate and sensitive care from Dr. James and staff on a recent visit when our decision of "putting down" our dog Lucky was made.  The difficulty and sadness of this was made easier because of our Vet's caring and human approach to both discussing our options as well as carrying out our final request.  We still have two other pets that we will happily continue to bring to Pet Vet for their care.  I will recommend Pet Vet to others!

Many thanks, Jim and Nina, Kalamazoo



To Everyone at Pet Vet,

Atticus and Sophya have a hard time putting into their own words an expression of thanks and gratitude to everyone at Pet Vet. But they do want to thank everyone for taking such good care of them each and every visit. We all know sometimes they're not in the best of moods to have "pawdicures" when they come in; however, Pet Vet (doctors and staff) always shows compassion and understanding during those visits.

They especially want to thank Dr. Alicia Mulero for the exceptional care and warmhearted support whenever they "visit" Pet Vet. Every effort is genuinely appreciated, along with her show of compassion and skill.

Added pluses include the appointment reminder call, which is always appreciated. Ease of making an appointment effortless. Always accommodating when it comes to making an appointment to see Dr. Mulero -- it's never a problem -- emergency or regular check-ups. Approaching the front reception desk staff you're greeted with a warm welcome. Efforts to get "us" immediately into an exam room is greatly appreciated -- keeps Atti and Soph calm and out of sight of "big dogs." The Vet Tech(s) are very professional and understanding, especially when it comes to Atticus and the dreaded nail trim.

Again, we thank you and appreciate everything Team Pet Vet does to make visiting your offices a very good experience. You are all FANTASTIC -- and it's easy to continue recommending your office to any pet owner.

The best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what is the matter -- HE'S GOT TO JUST KNOW.  Will Rogers 


Atticus Finch Hart and Sophya